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Date File  Description  Size
08/06/2012  Brief Guide To Building Applications Acrobat 1.5mb
21/05/2012  Questions Answered Acrobat 140k
10/05/2012  Procession Key Points Acrobat 60k
13/02/2012  Procession core design philosophy Acrobat 250k
20/10/2011  Becoming the intelligent buyer Acrobat 100k
15/09/2011  A New Whitepaper - The ProcessHub Acrobat 500k
11/08/2011  Procession and Shared Services Acrobat 500k
11/08/2011  Procession and Shared Services - An Example Acrobat 1.4mb
21/07/2011  Made in Britain Acrobat 200k
15/07/2011  Business Technology for UK Government Acrobat 200k
08/04/2011  A New Business Technology Paradigm Acrobat 200k
14/03/2011  A partner overview of Procession Acrobat 400k
10/12/2010  A New Whitepaper - Business software - the future Acrobat 100k
24/09/2010  A Technical Perspective Acrobat 80k
09/08/2010  ProcessHub™ and LegacyConnect™ Acrobat 70k
09/08/2010  Procession view on a Dynamic Benefit System Acrobat 120k
29/06/2010  Procession's Response to Views from Analysts Acrobat 100k
20/05/2010  Procession Proposition Acrobat 70k
20/05/2010  Testimonials Acrobat 80k
06/04/2010  Overview presentation Powerpoint 1mb
16/03/2010  Procession on Agile Acrobat 20k
16/02/2010  Benchmarking Procession Acrobat 120k
02/10/2009  Procession Presentation - Chinese version Powerpoint 800k
02/10/2009  Procession Tag Library overview - Chinese version MS Word document 20k
18/09/2009  Procession Tag Library Acrobat 10k
01/01/2009  Whitepaper - A step change from IT to Business Technology Acrobat 60k
11/12/2008  Case study Powerpoint 400k
13/10/2008  Partner view comparison with IBM tool-set Acrobat PDF  20k
28/02/2008  Procession and Microsoft reach agreement over Procession’s Patent complaint Acrobat PDF 50k
14/11/2006  UK Sports's experience using Procession TOA (Task Orientated Application) Acrobat PDF 10kb
08/11/2006  Procession Press Release - November 2006 Acrobat PDF 25kb
02/11/2006  On-line Procession Demonstrations Web link  
13/01/2006  Try a Living Process™ Web link  
12/01/2006  Procession White Paper - Task Orientated Application Acrobat PDF 30kb
12/01/2006  Business Process Management Technology Audit - Butler Report Acrobat PDF 118kb