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General Documents

These are all the documents and PDFs currenmtly available for download or viewing

Procession Questions and Answers - Download
Full QandA on Procession software
Intelligent Automation Design - Download
Full overview of the Procession System. From architecture to design and use.
Procession as a Shared Service - Download
Paper on using Processuion to faciliate a Shared Service
Testimonials - Download
These are quotes and testimonials from various customers and researchers which we have put together over the years.
CA Article - Download
Published article from the Chairman of Procession in the CA
QandA - Download
Answers for Buyers Questions
Oracle Quotation - Download
Oracle in 2003 says Procession has rewriten the Application Builing Rulebook
Microsoft Press Release - Download
Microsoft agrees with Procession on Prior Art in Patent Case
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